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15th October 2019

Hackorama is one of the most important competitive events since the fight of Adame vs Trejo; an exciting competition where programming enthusiasts, develop an innovative web or mobile application side by side in a period of 46 hours, using languages ​​such as Javascript, Ruby or Elixir as the main part of your application. You can use tools like Node.js, React, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Phoenix, the power of coffee, etc.
The winners will be selected by a group of chubby but pretty judges and by the participants after the first 46 hours have ended. In addition, each team will have 5 minutes to demo their application.
The entire event will take place at the michelada.io facilities, you can stay to sleep, do the " number two" or continue coding nonstop in the office. We will have food, coffee, and much help from the michelada staff. Also toilet paper and air-freshener ;)
MentorsYou will have the support of people who dedicate themselves in a professional way to attend the carnitas on Fridays, but above all, to the development of the best software, and they will be available for you to help you with advice.
Requirements to participateYou just have to be of legal age, passionate about programming, free food, and wanting to develop an application in record time!


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